Thanks Rick!! She looks great.

My wife says I can’t be a doctor because I don’t have any patients… not so with you. No doubt it was worth the wait. Enjoy it Shelby #18!

The entire roof segments down and stows behind the seats, within the factory map pockets. In just a few moments you can strike the mainsail, roll up the canvass and go looking for a rain cloud! It can be reinstalled from the stowed position in less than five minutes or, in half of that time if only the canvas has to be put on.


Initial installation requires a bow to be mounted down inside the front water trough, hardly noticeable since it hides behind the front weather seal. This captivates the canvass as it’s pulled between the bow and the carbon fiber header; it also supports the center and side bars. The only other hardware is the four threaded rear grommets. Properly sized so that if you have any other roof system it can be used in tandem with ours. We tried to minimize the invasiveness of hardware, and as you see, it is hardly intrusive to the car.



This roof doesn’t need to be developed, it already is. It’s not a rumor, it is a fact. Most tops can be sent within a couple of weeks from ordering. We know you’ve been waiting for a long while. We apologize for the delay, but not for the quality!!

Order now and enjoy your GTX1 like it should have been from the beginning.

Without limits!!

$6500 US

(Freight and initial installation costs vary)

Tailored by Knights 




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