Nearly half a dozen years ago my wife and I sold our upholstery and sunroof shop in Milwaukee and in a sequence of moves found our way out to the country. We are snuggled up here in the northern reaches of Wisconsin where my morning commute consists of a stroll down the sidewalk to the shop. Traffic is when the cat runs out in front of my feet, congestion is what my children get if they’re out in the cold too long. It’s a wonderful thing…to make ones living upholstering some of the worlds most remarkable automobiles, while simultaneously keeping God and family in the  center of my life…its awsome!! The children think it’s normal to have a GT 40 parked next to a Rolls Royce Phantom, with Lamborghini Mercelago seats on the bench top in daddy’s shop! “Don’t touch the cars kiddos.”  (!)

I’ve been privileged to work and learn from some of the most talented men one could hope for. Thanks to God, and them, we’ve been able to compile this list of photos you’ve just seen, as well as many, many others. Examine them with care and see if we’ve not been good students. The workman is indeed worthy of his hire, both they that have taught, and we that have learned… thank you.

As to the X1, we certainly do appreciate your interest. It seems like a good fit, you not having a stow-able top and all, and me having one… we very much hope to earn your business.

Call me any time for this, or any other wrinkles that might need ironing out.
Take care and drive safe!

Steve Hemstock
President, Knights Autoworks Inc.

715 330 8282, or www.steve@tailoredbyknights.com

You may order your top and schedule initial installation from us or from any of  these excellent companies.  We also have a network of sunroof and trim shops nationally, but they are not GT specialists as these firms are.

Rich Brooks

The GT guy LLC, Michigan

734-658-9498, www.thegtguy.com


Discovery Automotive, California

866-365-0920, www.discovery-automotive.com

Bernard Guerin,

Guerin Engineering, Florida


  • Reversed clam shell
  • Rear trunk luggage area
  • Elytron door hinges

727-687-0981,  www.guerinengineering.com



  1. Steve, Congratulations on producing a fine fitting soft top. It is a great looking device and as I saw at The GT Guys shop, it fits well. You should be rewarded well with great sales for your persistence!

  2. Hi Steve,
    It was a pleasure speaking with you inreguards to my GT’s seat cushion.
    Changing the modified lower seat with the stock seat. Please let me know when you might have an exchange.
    Best regards,
    Chris Bogard

    • Hey Steve,
      Thought I would check in to see if you might know a GT owner wanting the modified lower seat cushion.
      I have one I would like to exchange
      for a standard one.

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